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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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FASTENERS & HARDWARE ET-HP ® 22 oz PART# ETHP22 Threaded Rods We Stock & Cut Threaded Rod Set XP - 56oz PART# SETXP56 Set XP - 22oz PART# SETXP22 SET-XP ® epoxy anchoring adhesive is a high-strength formula for anchoring and doweling in cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry applications. It is a two-part system with the resin and hardener being simultaneously dispensed and mixed through the mixing nozzle. • Suitable for use under static & seismic loading conditions • Curing Schedule Below SET-XP ® Adhesive Base Material Temperature Cure Time (hrs.) o F o C 50 10 72 60 16 48 70 21 24 90 32 24 110 43 24 PART# AT30 AT is a two-component, high solids, 10:1 ratio, acrylic-based adhesive for use as a high strength, anchor-grouting material. Formulated for use in all types of weather. AT is designed to dispense easily and vure at temper- atures down to 0 degreesF. Resin and initiator are dispensed and mised simultaneously through the mixing nozzle. ET-HP ® Anchoring Adhesive ET-HP ® is a two-component, high-solids epoxy system for use as a high-strength, non-shrink anchor grouting material. Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through the mixing nozzle. • Suitable for use under static and seismic loading conditions in cracked and uncracked concrete • Easy hole - cleaning procedure - no power brushing required • When properly mixed, adhesive will be uniform gray color • Made in the USA Serrated teeth on the tip of the Titen HD Anchor facilitate cutting and reduce installation torque. The kit includes everything needed to pressure inject approximately 8 lineal feet of cracks: • 2 Crack-Pac Flex-H2O cartridge/nozzle sets • 12 E-Z-Click™ Injection Ports • 2 E-Z-Click™ Injection Fittings with 12" tubing • 1 pint of paste-over epoxy (8 oz. of resin + 8 oz. of hardener) • 4 disposable wood paste-over applicators • 1 pair latex gloves TITEN HD ANCHOR Part # Description THDA62500H TITEN HD 3/4"X7" ANCHOR THDT75600H TITEN HD 5/8X5 ANCHOR THD50500H TITEN HD 3/4X6 ANCHOR THD50600H TITEN HD 1/2X5 ANCHOR THD50800H TITEN HD 1/2X6 ANCHOR THD62600H TITEN HD 1/2X8 ANCHOR THD75500H TITEN HD 5/8X6 ANCHOR THD75700H TITEN HD 3/4X5 ANCHOR Page 90 Quality Construction Fasteners INDOT APPROVED Flex H20 Crack Repair Kit PART# CPH09KT CRACK-PAC ® FLEX-H2O™ Kit AT Acrylic Based Anchoring Adhesive PART# AT13 (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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