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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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PNEUMATICS tetra GRIP™ DRIVES LIKE A NAIL. HOLDS LIKE A SCREW.™ Four Good Reasons If you value construction quality, customer satisfaction - and profts - you'll make the new Paslode TetraGrip Subfoor Fastener standard issue on your jobsites. • Proven to eliminate subfoor nail squeaks • Reduces costs due to warranty repairs • Increases productivity on the jobsite • Raises homeowner satisfaction Holding Power The new Paslode Subfoor Fastening System drives as fast as a nail and has the holding power of a screw.* Fast work, sturdy joints - peace and quiet. Why It Works Better Manufactured with patented ITW WERC'S technology and patent-pending barb-threaded design, the Paslode TetraGrip fastener rotates as it drives to bond with the wood fbers. Here's the technology behind this revolutionary squeak-stopping fastener: • Rotation Without Destruction The optimized barbed helix creates high roational forces and minimal friction. • Strong Non-Destructive Wood Interaction Effcient rotation eliminates wood destruction common in ring shank nails. • Superior Withdrawal Resistance The barbed helix-to-wood engagement creates a high load capacity. Paslode Subfoor Fastening System The new Paslode TetraGrip subfoor fastener issued with the new subfoor air nailer (PF237C) to get maximum performance combined with superior productivity. *As compared to #8, 2" standard screw. The next generation of framing nails from Paslode. Now with even better drive performance and tighter holding power. Continues to offer the same great benefts. • Rigid and compact strips are durable and easy to handle • Reinforced nail heads for tighter spacing and better drive performance • Same number of nails per strip - less reloading RounDrive ® 30 o Paper Tape Brite Framing Nails Introducing the latest, innovative generation of framing nails. RounDrive ® nails now feature a unique shank design, which creates increased surface contact and consistant coating coverage, delivering: Improved Drive Performance: • Consistently sinks nails into the toughest lumber so there's less hammering after the fact and increased productivity • Independently proven to improve fastener penetration rates by up to 40% Tight Holding Power: • New design bonds with wood fbers, increasing holding power • Fastening is more secure, giving confdence and peace of mind in quality Building Code Approved: • Product meets all building code requirements for smooth shank framing nails. Approved per ICC ES-3072 PAS650566 3"x.131 BB 3.0M 3 Fuel Cells PAS650565 2- 3/8" x.113 RS 3.0M 3 Fuel Cells PAS650526 2- 3/8" x.113 RS HDG 1.0M 1 Fuel Cell PAS650527 3"x.120 RS HDG 1.0M 1 Fuel Cell Framing Nail Fuel Packs Page 81 (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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