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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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HAND TOOLS C6TC14 • 6 cubic foot seamless steel tray • Total control grips are injection molded from tough, lightweight polypropylene for maximum performance and durability • *Special Order* Available Through Jobsite Supply! • 6 Cubic Foot Capacity Steel Tub • Steel Handles with Rubber Grips • Foam Filled "No Flat" Tire Seymour SV-DR42 28" Round Point Shovel W/ Fiberglass Handle, Poly D Grip, #2 Front Turn Step & 8.8" x 11.5" Head Seymour SV-DS43 28" Square Point Shovel W/ Fiberglass Handle, Poly D Grip, @3 Front Turn Step & 9.7" x 11.5" Head Seymour SV-DD46 28" Drain Spade W/ Fiberglass Handle, Poly D Grip, Front Turn Step & 5.5" x 16" Head WB-6SHDS M6 FFKB BP8 • 8 cu.ft. capacity • Corrosion proof poly tray • Two 16" pnuematic tires • *Special Order* SV-DR42 SV-DD46 SV-DS43 77315 Wheelbarrow 8 Cubic Ft. Poly Tub Dual Wheel Woood Handle IN STOCK 1328400 - Jackson #2 Asphalt Scoop SV-LS31 Long Handle Square Point - Wood SV-LS41 Long Handle Square Point - Fiberglass SV-LS-11 Long Handle Square Point - Promo SV-LR30 Long Handle Round Point - Wood SV-LR40 Long Handle Round Point - Fiberglass SV-LR10 Long Handle Round Point - Promo EXTRA HEAVY BLADE SV-SDA14 • Aluminum Scoop #14 - Wood Page 65 2218ASSY 18" Med Brown Plastic w/ Handle 2224ASSY 24" Med Brown Plastic w/ Handle 2236ASSY 36" Med Brown Plastic w/ Handle No. 22 Line Garage Brushes Coarse Brown Plastic. Staple set in clear lacquered hardwood block. Will not soften when exposed to water, oils or greases 232 1-1/2" Chip Brush 233 2" Chip Brush 234 2-1/2" Chip Brush 235 3" Chip Brush 236 4" Chip Brush Chip Brushes 100% White bristles. Single thickness. Smooth sanded handle with tin ferrule. Length of Trim: 1½ inches. No. 21 Concrete Finishing Brushes Staple set in clear lacquered hardwood block with one threaded handle hole. Three rows of flling material. 2124 24" Finish Black Poly 2136 36" Finish Black Poly 2148 48" Finish Black Poly 2124-22 24" Finish Broom Red Bristle 2136H 36" Horsehair Finish Broom 2136-22 36" Finish Broom Red Bristle 2148H 48" Horsehair Finish Broom 2148-22 48" Finish Broom Red Bristle 4630TPN 30" Curved Squeegee 4636TPN 36" Curved Squeegee Squeegees Made of best quality selected broom corn and fbre. Sewed 4 times and reinforced with a wire band. 2124TPN 24" Straight Squeegee 2136TPN 36" Straight Squeegee C-60 / C-72 Tapered Handles (60" or 72") Warehouse Corn Broom 5032 Other Products & Accessories 7SC Wire Brush Curved with Scraper 9SCO25 1/4" Roller Cover 9" 9SC038 3/8" Roller Cover 9" 9SC075 3/4" Roller Cover 9" 900-516 9" Roller Frame 561 Water Brush/Red Handle MET-100 9" Metal Roller Paint Tray 18SC038 18" Roller Cover 3/8" NAP 18SC075 18" Roller Cover 3/4" NAP 1800- 112CAP 18" Roller Frame Caps 1800- 112 18" Roller Frame 2210N - Wax Applicator: Two piece clear lacquered hardwood block, plated bolts and wing nuts. Pad is made of synthetic lambs wool. 6418-ASSY 18" Big Blue Street Broom w/ Handle 6424-ASSY 24" Big Blue Street Broom w/ Handle • 6 Cubic Foot Capacity Steel Tub • Hard Wood Handles • Pneumatic 2-ply Rubber Tire WB-6S E3-16C 16oz Curved Claw Hammer E3-165 16oz Straight Claw Hammer E3-205 20oz Straight Claw Hammer E3-245 24oz Straight Claw Hammer E3-16C Hammers • 6 cu.ft. capacity • 16 guage seamless tray • 16" wheel assembly with pneumatic • Flat free (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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