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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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HAND TOOLS CF216C 14"x3" CB trowel CF304 10"x14" foat trowel blade (slip on) CC275-01 10"x18" HD foat trowel blade (slip on) CC380 9x12 Power Groover - 3/4" BIT- BRKT CF141 6"x3"1/4"R Curved end edger w/ wood handles SS CF146 6"x4"1/2"R Outside curb & sidewalk tool SS CF149 6"x8" Edger/groover CF165 6"x4-1/2" Stainless Edger CF165PF 6"x4"x1/2" RAD Edger PF Handle CF166 8"x4"1/2"R Cement edger w/ wood handle SS CC152 • Stainless steel • Extra smooth CC294 • Made of rugged lightweight aluminum • One to one turning ratio of handle and pitch of blade CC296 KnuckleHead II Bullfoat Bracket CC992F • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum • Reinforced with cross braces & fanged edges 14816-34 • For 16" form tube • Made of long wearing bronze with 1" lip • Belt polished surface for clean, smooth edges CC782-01 • Long lasting, laminated foat with bracket • Brass threaded inserts for superior strength • 4' x 7-1/4" CC834-01 • All angle steels • Available in round or square end • Fitted with 360 degree all angle bracket CF016PF • Superb foating action • Soft textured ProForm handle with special ribbing for that "Great Grip" • Tough durable Extru-Lite Magnesium blade Page 64 Groovers & Trowels Stainless Steel Edgers Concrete Chutes Chamfer Hand Edger Denver Slider Knee Boards EZY-Tilt II Float Bracket 6-Hole Buckaroo w/ Level CC421L 4" Buckaroo w/ Level Vial Wood Bullfoat 48" Fresno Trowel Magnesium Float w/ Handle Extruded Magnesium Darby w/ Knob Handle This lightweight magnesium darby has a foat-type handle and a round knob handle. The unique T-Channel gives the fnisher the option of sliding the handle position to their preference. CF032 - 30"x3-1/4" CF033 - 36"x3-1/4" CF032PF - 30"x3-1/4" CF033PF - 36"x3-1/4" Wood Handle ProForm ® 40" Buckaroo Straightedge Adjustable Level Vial CC897 - 40"x1-3/8"x2" Ideal tool for fnishing concrete island countertops. Made of lightweight magnesium w/ a smooth wooden handle. Multi-Twist Brackets A B C D E A. Clevis Handle Bracket: Use w/ walking froovers, edgers, brooms & tools w/ clevis brackets. CC686 B. 6-Hole Handle Bracket: Fits all 2 or 4 hole foats. CC687 C. 2-Hole Handle Bracket: Attach to fresnos, bull foats or brooms. CC688 D. Push Button Handle Adapter: Connects to 1-3/8" & 1-3/4" button extension handles. CC689 E. Threaded Handle Adapter: Connects to all threaded bull bloat handles. CC685 (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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