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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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DECORATIVE CONCRETE Lithochrome ® Color Hardeners & Antiquing Release Agents A-24 Russet * A-21 Deep Charcoal * A-59 Beige Cream * 0568 Blush Beige * * 4948 Smoke Beige * * A-33 Classic Gray * A-57 Platinum Gray * A-25 La Crescenta Brown * 0266 Ash White * 1139 Burberry Beige * 4471 Saddle Brown * A-55 Pecan Tan * A-28 Tile Red * A-27 Dark Red * A-51 Steadman Buff * 1138-S Blue Smoke+$$ A-26 Brick Red * 3611 Oyster White * A-50 Slate Gray * A-53 Arizona Tan * 5183 Stone Gray * A-29 Terra Cotta * 5921 Walnut 5758 Weathered Sage * Lithochrome Color Hardener is a dry-shake colored hardener formulated to be easily incorporated into the surface of freshly placed concrete. Lithochrome Antiquing Release is a powdered, colored bond breaker used when imprinting with mat-type texturing or stamping tools. BETTER COVERAGE RATES RESULT IN REDUCED INSTALLATION COSTS. Typical aggregate size distribution Gap-graded or "well graded" aggregates reduce voids & increase strength LITHOCHROME Color Hardener is manufactured with well-graded aggregates resulting in better suspension at the surface of the concrete in its plastic state, allowing for complete coverage using less material. Based on 2"x2" cube compressive test, Lithochrome Color Hardener provided superior compressive strength after 31 days over competing color hardener products. LITHOCHROME ® Chemstain ® Classic Page 62 (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225 Coverage Rate For Color Hardener: Coverage rates vary with intended use and application. Lithochrome Color Hardener should be applied at a rate of 50lb (1 bag) per 100 ft 2 (2.5 kg/m 2 ), except where indicated by an asterisk (*). *Denotes colors requiring a higher coverage rate, where Scofeld recommends 90-120 lb per 100 ft 2 (4.5 - 6.0 kg/m 2 ). Colors are approximate and best viewed in daylight. LITHOCHROME ® Chemstain ® Classic chemically reacts with the surface of cured concrete to produce unique, permanent and one-of-a-kind color effects. The resulting colors become part of the concrete surface without developing a flm and will not fade, chip, crack, or peel. LITHOCHROME ® Chemstain ® Classic colors and enhances, but will not hide the unique surface blemishes in the concrete. The antiqued, mottled and variegated look is ideal for either interior or exterior use including hardscapes, foors or artifcial rock and water features. LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic contains no VOC's and meets stringent air quality management regulations.

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