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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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First Aid Fire Extinguishers 10lb Proline™ ABC Fire Extinguisher 466204K • 10lb ABC Extinguisher with Wall Hook • UL Rating - 4A:60B:C • 70/Skid Traffc Cones DW Series Wide Body Traffc Safety Cone 18" 10lb Base SAFETY IDEAS AT WORK 3007773 • 24" Stop/Slow Paddle • EG Refective Plastic w/ 21" Plastic Handle • 61" Handle Adapter Signs @ JOBSITE SUPPLY Lighting 3/8"x6' Adjustable Locking Cable 8413XDPF • Patented locking mechanism holds the cable tight at any position • Convenient, rekeyable cylinder • #5KA Master Lock keyed alike • Fits most portable boxes including Greenlee, Knaack & Delta. All key codes available. 46622701K 2 1/2lb Fire Extinguisher-UL Rating 1A:10B:C-144/Skid 46611201K 5lb Fire Extinguisher-UL Rating 3A:40B:C-112/Skid 466206K 20lb Fire Extinguisher-UL Rating 10A:80B:C-50/Skid Hydration Solutions WL175MH 175 Watts, 120 Voltage, 15, 000 Lumens - Portable Light WL400MH 400 Watts, 120 Voltage, 40, 000 Lumens WL85S JR 85 Watt Flourescent Wobble Light JR 15018-HIWB-C3 18" Orange Cone 3lb Base-Refective 15028-HIWB-C7 28" Orange Cone 7lb Base-Refective 15028-NCWB-C7 28" Orange Cone 7lb Base 15028-NCWB-C10 28" Orange Cone 10lb Base Hydration Solutions & Accessories Jobsite Supply 5 or 10 Gallon Industrial Blue Cooler 28" Lime Traffc Cone 1610IS JS 10 Gal Cooler 1685IS JS 5 Gal Cooler 8257UN Cup Holders/4-6.5oz Cups 2B4112 Paper Cups - 6.5oz 164002 Mounting Brackets FK200906 10PW Blood Pathogen Safety Kit K202012 10PW GP JSI First Aid Kit K202015 16PW GP JSI First Aid Kit K206212 50 Man First Aid Cabinet-FAC-3 K250-506 Eyewash Station 32oz Bottle K401025 25 per LPEK JSI First Aid Kit K401050 10PW LPEK JSI First Aid Kit K401060 50 per LPek JSI First Aid Kit 229-060 Eyewash Bottle 40oz 250-525 Eyewash 16oz Bottle Sterile Stocking a complete line of competetively priced First Aid Kits that meet or exceed the ANSI Z-308.1 standard. 20 Ounce Bottles • Orignal Lemon Lime 32868 • Riptide Rush 32488 • Glacier Freeze Frost 32486 • Orange 32867 2-1/2 Gallon Powder Mixes • Fruit Punch 33691 • Orange 03970 • Original Lemon Lime 03969 • Glacier Freeze Frost 33677 • Riptide Rush Frost 33673 Flavors Flavors Stop & Slow Paddles 10" x 14" Plastic CONSTRUCTION AREA HARD HAT AREA CONSTRUCTION AREA KEEP OUT MEN WORKING DO NOT ENTER OTHERS AVAILABLE! No Set-Up - Just Plug It In • Metal Halide • Bright, Durable & Virtually Indestructible • 36" Tall • Self-Righting • Internal Ventilation System • Shock Protected Bulb Drum Barrels & Delineator Drum Barrel: * special order Delineator: 46133-CRU-16HP - 42" high w/ 16lb octagonal rubber base T-Cap: Snap into most traffc cones providing slots for attaching caution/danger tapes to create barricades Page 41 Enviro-Cone™ With nearly 80% of the weight in the base, the Enviro-Cone is more stable than the traditional 7 or 10lb cones. Provides long term durability. 28" in height and 7lbs. Tipping angleof the cone is no less than 76 degrees from vertical. (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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