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Jobsite Supply has grown from one the Midwest's leading concrete forming and shoring providers to a premier supplier to the entire US market, along with safety, Decorative concrete, Concrete Accessories, Chemicals, Equipment Sales/ rental.

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Coil Inserts Hundreds of styles & sizes to choose from: • 2-4 Strut Inserts • Loop Inserts • "L" Leg Inserts • Open Coil Inserts • Thin Slab Inserts • Pick-up Inserts • Ductile Coil Inserts • Edge Pick-up Inserts • Locator Plugs • Coil Nut • Flat Washer • Coil Rod & Bolts Hundreds of styles & sizes to choose from: • Ductile Ferrule Insert • Ferrule Loop Insert • Ferrule Wing Insert • Four Strut Thin Slab • NC Precast Concrete Insert • Open Ferrule insert • Plastic Insert Cup • Standard Ferrule Insert • Straight Loop Ferrule Insert • Threaded Plastic Insert Plug • Thin Slab Parallel, 2-Strut • Thin Slab Ferrule Insert, 2-4 Strut Ring Lift System Popular 2-10T spall free lifting system with a variety of accessories for every application: • Two Hole Anchor • Double-Tee Anchor • Drop Forged Foot Anchor • Plate Anchor • Uni-Anchor • Wavy Tail • Bolt & Wing Nuts Assemblies • Sandwich Panels • Ring Bail or Cable Lifting Hardware • Shear Bars • 2-Hole Erection Anchor • X-Foot Erection Anchor • New Generation Erection Anchor • 22 XL Anchor Easy Lift System Simple economical way to lift barriers, pipes, boxes & slab panels between 4-8" thick: • Original EASY LIFT ANCHOR • 5-Ton Foot Anchor • Foot Anchor with Snap Wires • Easy Lift 500 Anchor • Magnets & Wet Set Plates PRECAST PRODUCT LINES Ferrule/NC Threaded Inserts Popular 1-25T spall free lifting system with a variety of accessories for every application: • DB Anchor • DB Eye Anchor • Bolt & Wing Assembly • Face Lift Directional • Hardware • Recess Formers • Rubber Grommets • Shear Bars DB Anchor Lift System Pipe Brace Great for bracing forms when stacking forms for higher walls. The Pipe Brace comes in 3 different lengths to accomodate a wide range of wall heights. 7-1/2' to 14" Pipe Brace 14' to 23-1/2' Pipe Brace 23' to 39' Pipe Brace Many other types of straight & V-style shims are available. Call your Jobsite Supply representative for more information. (317) 684-7474 Econ-O-Shim ® Stack Shim SS16 Super Shim Pack RL-67 • Economical • 12,000psi Compressive Strength • Adjustable Height • Adjustable Lenght • Heat Sealed into 1" Stacks • Length 3-1/2"-Width 1-15/16" - Slot 5/8" • Pre-assembled packages of shims designed for precise placing of large load bearing precast units. • 1-1/16" thick x 4"x6" • Can be compressed suffciently at post tensioning to allow load transfer to the grout. Page 14 (317) 684-7474 624 S. Missouri St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

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